AQUAlift has now been used by a lot of plastic surgeons and cosmetologists, which has become a new stage in development of contour plastic surgery.

It is the most physiological and the safest implant out of those available at the market at present, because up to 98 % of its formula is physiological solution of sodium chloride (for intravenous injections) and has got the properties of universal hydrophilic filler. It is a soft tissues filler acting by way of creating a depot of physiological 0.9 % solution of sodium chloride put into a matrix of three-dimensional grid of a complex synthetic polymer. Long chains of the high molecular polymer are sewed together to create a stable three-dimensional grid.

AQUAlift is a highly elastic hydrogel, it can be injected using thin needles. When introduced in small volumes it does not require preliminary anesthetization of the injection zone. Minimum traumatic impact upon the tissues and absence of infiltration with anesthetics makes it possible to optimally estimate the gel necessary volume for injection.