With AQUALIFT™ Hydrophilic Gel, it opens up the following possibilities for our customers:


  • Along the horizontal lines of the neck
  • Forehead
  • Radial pattern, starting from the sternum area toward the clavicles
  • Backs of the hands over the metacarpal bones
  • Lip augmentation, malar region, along the nasolabial folds and jaws

  • Breast augmentation and correction of volume asymmetry
  • Modeling Buttocks
  • Correction of Surgical scars
  • Calves
  • Increase and correction of asymmetry of the thighs
Though a seemingly simple procedure, the injection technique in contour plastics has got a number nuances. The choice of preparations is rather wide. The doctor, who is using this technique, must know perfectly well the chemical properties of the implants he uses, indications and contraindications for their application, and the relative injection technique for a concrete material.

The Aqualift™ contour plastics of facial deformities has certain restrictions for some facial regions. Aqualift™ must not be injected into parotid salivary gland, as this may lead to its atrophy and salivary disruption. For the patients having rough drawn-in post-traumatic, or postoperative, scars on the face it is necessary to perform preliminary excision of the scars by careful sewing up layerwise the wound. Some 4-6 months later on, after the soft tissues acquire liveliness, the doctor can start polishing the scars and after next 3-4 months the hydrogel contour plastics itself can be performed. 

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