AQUAlift is produced by “National Medical Technologies Center” Co., Ltd. and its production process is performed in a Pharmaceutical Plant "Pharmex Group Co., Ltd", 08300, Kiev Region, Boryspil City, 100 T.Shevchenko St., Ukraine.

According to the Technical Terms and technological regulations, a special production shop was allocated within the plant premises. The shop is equipped with modern machinery according to the terms of ISO 13485:2003. The up-to-date technology and conditions of the gel AQUAlift production procedure allow us to obtain our product conforming to the requirements of Quality System.

To supply our production process with high quality water, the plant has got its complex systems of obtaining purified and injection water, physiological solution, which production in its turn is controlled at each stage according to the main indices of quality.

Only restricted number of specially trained personnel are engaged within the factory clean zones. 

For production of the gel AQUAlift our company uses high quality raw material supplied from the leading producers. The packing, auxiliary materials, machines and equipment conform to the requirements of the European pharmacopeia. Each lot of the produced gel AQUAlift undergoes obligatory control according to the normative-analytical documentation. There is also an incoming control for the supplied raw material.

The Quality Control Department is furnished with accredited chemical, microbiological laboratories with up-to-date equipment. 
Upon performing all necessary analysis and tests, the produced lot of the gel receives the relative quality passport. Each lot undergoes control for:

- sterility;
- ph;
- toxicity;
- pyrogenity; 
- reducing impurities;
- water content;
- viscosity.

For the first time in the practice of gel production, for storing and transportation of the gel big volumes, we have introduced polyvinylchloride packing which has the following advantages over the tare used before:

  • absolute leak proofness and reliability, single use;
  • maximum suitability for storage and transportation, the packing is heat- resistant and stable of shape within the range of controlled temperatures for storage;
  • Additional protection of the container by wrapping into secondary vacuum packing.