About Ivan Zavgorodniy - The founder and President of NMTC

The research team of the “National Medical Technologies Center” Co., Ltd. (NMTC) have already accumulated their 20-year experience in working with hydrophilic implants. During past years, large scale experiments have been performed to study and improve the physical-chemical properties of the hydrophilic gels.

Currently, requirements of medical doctors to hydrophilic implants have been increased, and in the first place they are increased as to the gels quality, reliability and safety.

The “National Medical Technologies Center” Co., Ltd. has developed an implant of a new generation which has revealed its great biocompatibility, inertness, plasticity, homogeneity of its structure. The new gel is issued in Ukraine under the trademark AQUAlift™.

The NMTC actively cooperates with a number of scientific-research institutes, scientific centers of Ukraine and foreign countries. Special attention is paid to our cooperation with the leading clinics of plastic, reconstruction and aesthetic surgery. As a result of such cooperation, we have obtained new technologies in the field of hydrophilic gels production, as well as in production of other medical items.

Great attention is being paid by the NMTC to the technique of AQUAlift gel injection into the human body.

In 2009, we were the first in Ukraine to summarize and edit the scientific-methodic recommendations for the doctors who are applying the hydrophilic gel AQUAlift in their plastic, reconstruction, aesthetic and cosmetic practice. Valuable help in this work was given to us by the leading surgeons of Ukraine and Russia.

Together with researchers of the Institute of Chemistry of High Molecular Compounds (in Kiev City) we are now engaged in creating of a new generation of capsules for hydrophilic implants.

Together with doctors of the urology department at the Kiev City children’s clinical hospital No.1, as well as with participating doctors of children’s clinics in the cities of Lviv, Lugansk, Zaporizhia and Dnepropetrivsk, we are now introducing the technique of applying the gel AQUAlift for endoscopic correction of various defects in children’s urology.

Production premises of the NMTC are located at the Lugansk City pharmaceutical factory “Farmatsia” which is specializing in production of infusion solutions. 

The NMTC has begun activity to create joint enterprises for production of new medical items in the countries of the South East Asia, Middle East Asia, America.